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World champion with world class quality

2007 Male Handball World Championships in Germany

The 20th Male Handball World Championships took place from January 19th until February 4th of 2007 in Germany. A total of 24 teams competed in the preliminary and final rounds against each other.

Hosting team Germany became for a third time after 1938 and 1978 handball world champion after a score of 29:24 against Poland.

The handball world championship became a sporty “winter fairy-tale” in its own country. The german national team did better than the german national soccer team 6 months before. The DHB-team won sensationally the title and resulted an absolute handball boom in their country.

As tournament sites for the world championships only the most modern and largest sports halls of Germany were selected. The organizing committee selected the handball goal “Champion” by ERHARD SPORT as “Goals for all sports facilities”.

Even today, the german handball league mostly plays with goals manufactured by us: In Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Mannheim, Kiel, Wetzlar, etc.

Finals - IHF handball-championships 2007 (Germany - Poland)

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